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Wholesale Bakers of Sunbake bread and rolls

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About Us

Early Mornings


We start delivering to our customers throughout  the night. When you get to your business your bread will be there.

The Perfect Solution


Our bread is delivered to you less than 16 hours after leaving the bakery. Making it one of the freshest loaves you can buy.

Your choice


We have the 4 main variants that most businesses require. 2 white loaves, Toast and Medium, then 2 Wholemeal loaves Thick and Medium

About Us

Why Buy Sunbake

Sunbake White Medium 800g sliced bread

Our Sunbake bread is the ideal loaf to put back value in the C-stores sector. No more trying to compete with the Tesco, Asda and Aldi's of this world. We simply don't supply them and won't. Our brand is a champion of value for the retail sector.

Fair price


We are the owners of this brand and control pricing so that everyone gets the same price per volume ordered. Try us and ask for free samples and a price. we are very friendly.

Want to start?


We are reliable and supply our fresh bread daily to your business at a time to suit you. Call or email us and we can send someone to see you with samples and arrange supply. 0151 523 8226  or

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