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Warburtons Launches First-Ever Cake Line

Warburtons, the UK’s biggest bakery brand based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, is known for producing traditional loaves of bread that families have been eating since 1876 and is well known for its bread, rolls, bagels, crumpets, thins, and teacakes found in most major retailers.

However, the baker is making a move to add sweet baked goods to its savoury goods and has launched a selection of cakes for the first time in its history, according to the Independent.

The introduction of sweet treats to its range is a trial, but if successful Britons could see the cakes in their local supermarket in the coming months.

The sweet range, named Ellie Warburton Cakes, will offer consumers eight different cakes, including Cookie Dough with Caramel, Espresso Brownie, and Zesty Lemon with Blackberry Compote, which will cost £3 each.

The name Ellie Warburton comes from the company’s co-founder, Ellen, who launched the brand with her husband, Thomas, in the late 1800s.

Today, Ellen’s great-great niece, Jonathan, is Warburtons’ chairman, who said: “We are thrilled to introduce the Ellie Warburtons range of deliciously indulgent cakes.

“This is an exciting new venture for our family business and we are taking very much an entrepreneurial approach to how to build the brand while bringing with us the core of Warburtons’ ethos – quality and taste.

“I hope that a slice of Ellie Warburtons will become a firm favourite with families up and down the country – my slice of choice is the Espresso Brownie.”

Launched on 28 May, the cakes will initially be available in Skipton, Yorkshire, where locals can visit a pop-up shop to try the tasty treats for themselves, followed by another pop-up store in Harrogate on 4 June. An e-commerce platform will also launch later next month, on June 21.

Warburtons hopes the trial will be successful and that it can introduce its cake range to supermarket shelves in the future.

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